Alimony Practice in Pennsylvania: Who is Eligible and for How Long?

The general rule is that alimony is not a given, but is something that the court can award if it finds that such an award is “necessary.” Given the vagueness of the term, it is helpful to examine the factors that go into determining whether alimony is necessary, and in calculating the amount of alimony.  … Read More

Child Custody in Pennsylvania: Factors to Consider During Relocation

Sometimes there comes a point where a parent wants to relocate from Pennsylvania to another part of the state—or another part of the country. When there is a custody agreement involved, relocation presents special issues that the moving parent should be made aware of. First, the party seeking to move must provide notice of the  … Read More

Disqualification of Commercial Drivers Licenses in Pennsylvania: When is your CDL at Risk?

When your Commercial Driver’s License (“CDL”) is suspended in Pennsylvania, it is referred to as a “disqualification” of the CDL. CDL’s are treated differently than normal driver’s licenses for the purposes of suspension. This is because Federal law AND state law both come into play with determining what penalties to assess against your CDL. CDL’s  … Read More

Exemptions from Pennsylvania’s Inheritance Tax: Advancements

Those interested in the inheritance process need to know about Pennsylvania’s inheritance tax. The tax is imposed as a percentage assigned to the value of a decedent’s estate passed to beneficiaries of a will. The rates of the inheritance tax are as follows: • 0 percent on transfers to a surviving spouse or to a  … Read More