Modification of Wills: The Effect of Marriage, Divorce, or Birth or Adoption of a Child on Your Will

A last will and testament provides the final instructions from the testator on how to distribute the testator’s property. However, the language contained in a will may not reflect the situation of the parties upon the death of the testator. Consider the situation where a husband-testator is divorced from his wife, but his will is  … Read More

Property Damage Litigation: Recovering lost or damaged property

There are two common types of property lawsuits that arise: lawsuits regarding lost property and lawsuits involving damaged property. If someone has wrongfully retained your property, the law affords you the ability to file suit and recover property in county court based on the wrongful retention of that property. The process can be handled relatively  … Read More

Post-Judgment Collections and Interrogatories in Aid of Execution: What Happens When a Judgment is Taken Against You?

Under Pennsylvania law, a “judgment” means any court order in favor of a plaintiff, and against you. When that judgment involves damages, the Plaintiff has a right to collect against you individually in certain situations. Typically, a Plaintiff will issue “Interrogatories in Aid of Execution” among other documents to discover your assets. Under Pennsylvania law,  … Read More

Child Custody in Pennsylvania: Factors to Consider during a Relocation

Sometimes there comes a point where a parent wants to relocate from Pennsylvania to another part of the state—or another part of the country. When there is a custody agreement involved, relocation presents special issues that the moving parent should be made aware of. First, the party seeking to move must provide notice of the  … Read More