Property Damage Litigation: Recovering lost or damaged property

There are two common types of property lawsuits that arise: lawsuits regarding lost property and lawsuits involving damaged property. If someone has wrongfully retained your property, the law affords you the ability to file suit and recover property in county court based on the wrongful retention of that property. The process can be handled relatively  … Read More

Mortgage Foreclosures and the “Soldiers and Sailors Act”

The mortgage foreclosure process contains many ins and outs that a homeowner needs to be aware of. One of these is the potential relief for those in military service under the Soldiers and Sailors Act undergoing issues with not only mortgage foreclosure, but also certain other debts as well. The Soldiers and Sailors Act provides  … Read More

What Kind of Quality in Housing are you Entitled to in Pennsylvania? “Caveat Emptor” No More

Under Pennsylvania law, “caveat emptor” is not the rule with respect to leased housing in Pennsylvania, and has not been the law since its abolishment by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in 1979. Caveat emptor meant that a tenant took a property subject to any flaws that he did not correct prior to the beginning of  … Read More

Five Tips for Tenants in Pennsylvania

It is said that Pennsylvania is a tenant-friendly state. If you are a tenant, chances are you will probably have a dispute with your landlord at some point. In some situations, the situation becomes too adversarial and you end being sued, or suing your landlord. What steps are recommended for a tenant in such a  … Read More

Five Tips for Handling a Mortgage Foreclosure Action

This article is intended to aid those dealing with the very stressful process of foreclosure. 1) Examine any defenses and counterclaims you have under the law. In the mortgage foreclosure situation, it often appears that there is an overwhelming disparity of power between the lender and the homeowner. And in many ways there is a  … Read More

Summary Appeals and Summary Trials for Traffic and Non-Traffic Cases

Television, movies, and civics classes alike have educated Americans on “criminal trials” involving serious misdemeanors and felonies. However, in Pennsylvania, there is another tier of offenses apart from felonies and misdemeanors. These are what as referred to as “summary offenses.” And what are summary offenses? Most traffic offenses will constitute summary offenses, including careless driving,  … Read More