Protection from Abuse “PFA” Relief Affecting Custody Rights

If you are dealing with a Protection from Abuse issue in Pennsylvania, then you are aware that the PFA law can impact your custody rights. This happens through two main mechanisms. First, the Court can order a “no-contact” PFA in favor of a child or children against a Defendant parent. Second, the Court may incorporate the custody relief provisions in a PFA Order.

The “no-contact” portion of the PFA Act provides as follows–“the court may grant any protection order or approve any consent agreement to bring about a cessation of abuse of the Plaintiff or minor children. The Order may include prohibiting any contact between Defendant and a minor child.

Second, the Court may award temporary custody of or establish temporary visitation rights with regard to minor children. Further, a Defendant may not have a visitation where the Court determines that the Plaintiff abused a child.

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