Divorce and Property Division: Are “Professional Degrees” Marital Property?

When you are going through the divorce process in Pennsylvania, any marital property you own with your spouse is potentially property that could be shared with your spouse through the process of “equitable distribution.” The key question is whether a piece of property counts as marital property in a given situation. Let’s take a situation  … Read More

Custody and the “Dependent Child” Tax Deduction

When parties go through a separation in Pennsylvania, there is an often an issue or question about who claims a tax deduction for the dependent child or children. As you might guess, the issue of the tax deduction depends in partly on who gets what amount of custodial time. A general rule of thumb is  … Read More

Mortgage Foreclosures and the “Soldiers and Sailors Act”

The mortgage foreclosure process contains many ins and outs that a homeowner needs to be aware of. One of these is the potential relief for those in military service under the Soldiers and Sailors Act undergoing issues with not only mortgage foreclosure, but also certain other debts as well. The Soldiers and Sailors Act provides  … Read More

Monetary Support during the Divorce Process and Alimony Pendente Lite

Often times, a spouse wants to file for divorce but lacks the financial resources to do so or is economically dependent on the other party for support. When that is the case, Pennsylvania law actually provides an avenue for relief to the dependent spouse in the form of what is known as “alimony pendente lite.”  … Read More

Indirect Criminal Contempt Petitions: Possible Penalties for Violating a No-Contact (PFA) Order

Pennsylvania’s Protection from Abuse (PFA) Act provides individuals engaged, or formerly engaged, in a certain relationship (often “intimate relationships” and “family relationships”) the ability to file for a Protective Order against another individual when the court determines that there is a finding of abuse. The PFA is technically a civil matter not a criminal matter,  … Read More